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eSupport security solutions help your business realize substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies. Individually, each product delivers superior protection against its specific threat vector. When used as a coordinated solution they provide a level of total network security that is unrivaled in the industry.

Our Security solutions include Perimeter / Gateway level UTM solutions as well as Antivirus and Anti-Spam for End Point security.

Endpoint Security Solutions

In today’s dynamic threat environment, organizations face an enormous variety of malware, including Spyware, Trojans, Rootkits, Viruses and more, that are growing in volume and scope. Much of today’s malware is fueled cyber criminals, trying to gain access to valuable corporate data.

New approaches and solutions are required to ensure enhanced security and compliance with the lowest total cost of ownership possible to gain the visibility needed to proactively address IT risk in a more effective and efficient manner which will reduce management complexity, optimizes TCO, improves visibility and delivers information control back to IT.

eSupport with its Antivirus solutions will provide you the flexibility to achieve strong and comprehensive endpoint protection using customized solutions on different endpoints depending on your security requirements.

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Perimeter / Gateway Security Solutions

Companies are embracing Internet in a big way to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. With this growing use of the Internet, we are living in a climate where the unpredictable nature of invasion attempts grows with each day and it is critical to have a powerful perimeter security system to protect the enterprise network at the periphery, right where it connects to the public Internet.

eSupport solutions has customized perimeter security solutions which involves bringing together components that address current gaps in the environment and effectively fill those gaps using gateways, firewalls, UTM’s that protect the private network from public network threats and minimize unauthorized access to company information.

Our Product portfolio includes solutions as below.

    • Firewalls / UTM’s
    • Intrusion prevention systems
    • Gateway Antivirus
    • Gateway Anti-spam Solutions
    • Data Leak Prevention Systems


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